The Other Way To Tickle Her Belly #TNNS352

Episode #352

A new year of nonsense. Jaye Smooth wants to know what all the hype is about? He spent the evening alone with his CPAP machine. He took an extra deep breath at midnight. But I can't stop at new years. Why do we celebrate any of these days? I guess I need to suspend reality to allow me to not be a scrooge when it comes to every single holiday. Meanwhile, French Reggy and his friend Two bring up how they let their white friends use the n-word. Jamie Mack loves this and commends their forward thinking temperament.
French Reggy wants to discuss the importance of sex over laughter. For ages, we as men have been told that our job is to keep a woman satisfied in the bedroom. As long as you keep your woman's libido in check, you won't have anything to worry about. It seems that this conversation is going the same way. Then Jaye Smooth breaks the mold and says the opposite. With disbelief in the room, we start to have a real talk. What is more important? The cumulative 40 minutes (if you are lucky) of sex each week? Or the hours of tickling her belly the other way.


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