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The Only One Who Came To Work

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The Only One Who Came To Work

The No Nonsense Show Episode #752

Happy Birthday, French! It has been great seeing you rise up and stand comfortably in your manhood. That being said, we use manhood in a loose way. Before the end of this episode, French tells you which men he thinks are hot. Before you say that we are just picking on Reggy again…Kam also gave up his man-crush. Seems like the younguns are embracing their inner millennial.

Are the youths trying to get rid of the older folks? Mack thinks so. But why? During our younger years we held our elders in reverence. Soon we will all be dead and the younguns can finish destroying this world.

We watched a documentary that criticizes the vax-makers. Were we given all of the correct info? Probably not. It looks pretty bad…to the extent that Jamie Mack finally agrees with me (speaking of the zombie apocalypse). He now agrees it i easier to just lay down and take his death quickly. Well, actually he just doesn’t want to be the only one who shows up to work after the fallout.

The Only One Who Came To Work #TNNS752

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