The Only Man That Doesn’t Like Yoga Pants #TNNS386

Episode #386

It was a rough week for No Nonsense. For the first time ever (I Think), we were not prepared for the show. Jaye Smooth starts the show off talking about passing gas in front of people. Then he wants to talk about his dislike for women that wear yoga pants. Now, wait a minute. Yoga pants may be the single greatest invention women have had in ever. Who doesn't like to walk behind a woman in yoga pants? Jaye Smooth, that's who. No qualifier needed, Smooth, you have moved further down the spectrum.

I want to talk about removing things from your life. We all see the memes on IG telling us to do better each day; To leave behind negative people; To keep moving and working hard. But actually, what are we giving up in the next five years to have the opportunity to realize our dreams?

1stAlleyKat calls in to let us know that Jaye Smooth is in love with her. Then Twin calls in and Jaye turns on the "charm". I'm not sure how this is going to go. Get off the train, there is bound to be a train wreck....


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