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The Most Uncultured Show On The Internet

The No Nonsense Show Episode #652

Rounding off Reggy’s birthday week, he gets tripped up expressing his love and fear for god. I didn’t mean to do it. I promise I didn’t bully him. He bullied himself. 

But I did discover a new favorite song. The chorus is really just one song. But it is probably my favorite word in the whole world. 

Speaking of...Cardi B won woman of the year for Billboard magazine. People go mad because they feel like she isn’t worthy. But billboard is a music mag. Doesn’t Cardi do music?

We learn that my cohosts are not diverse music listeners. I challenge them to sing a verse. Any verse. They can’t. Is it possible that we are the most uncultured show on the internet? 

The Most Uncultured Show On The Internet #TNNS652

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