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The Most Agreeable Man In The World

The No Nonsense Show Episode #630

Smooth is off again and we discuss how necessary each host is to make this show pop. Reggy shows his youthful arrogance and forces us to create 15 minutes on the next show of exclusively smooth and Reggy. Tune in and let's see what they come up with.

We also determine that Reggy is the most agreeable host and/or person that we know. We forbid him to agree with us for the rest of the show. How long do you think he lasted?

French Reggy thinks that a hard day's work is a dying concept for we old geezers. The later generations order everything to deliver; would rather Google something than find a book about it; and live at home until their parents die. Are we showing signs of work atrophy?

Baylor The Great sends us his personal Question The Nonsense submissions.

The Most Agreeable Man In The World #TNNS630

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