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The Lifeguard Who Peed On Me

The No Nonsense Show Episode #641

A few days after the election, we are still here. The election is in the rear view mirror...and in front of us. Who knows when we will have a president? Even when the numbers come in, Trump plans to contest a couple of states. If the White House turns blue, the next couple of months will be painful.

Have you ever noticed that the butthole doesn’t taste like anything? Jamie Mack says it does. We all know it does for Smooth because he is constantly switching back and forth through the whole sex session.

In fact Smooth has had swimmers in his mouth. Yeah they may be his own, but there were swimmers, nonetheless. French was right, the other two hosts have had swimmers in their own mouths.

No matter how much a man denies something, when you ask the right question at the right moment, the truth is in the pause. The longer the pause the longer the lie that is about to be told. This type of pause is called pregnant. Smooth was 9 ½ months.

By the way, Mack is a jealous little b&$&@. He heard me say something to French and had to retaliate because French didn’t get mad. Bro!!!!!

French Reggy has two stories for us. These are GREAT stories. One involves his girl spreading over him and squirting the other involves a lifeguard and a bottle of pee.

Mack just wants to know if we would rather teach our girl to squirt or have her come into the relationship with a history of squiring.

The Lifeguard Who Peed On Me #TNNS641

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