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The Larger the Sex Toy…

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
The Larger the Sex Toy...

The No Nonsense Show Episode #629

Mack thinks that Barkley and Shaq are heroes for standing up to the gaslighting of the racial cases being brought forward in the recent media. I received new information about the case that has me second guessing. Mack sticks to his guns and calls it fraud. I do have to agree there are some irregularities.

Either way, do we need to classify everything between white and black people as racist? We need to level set for what is and what is not. then perhaps we can start to define the grey area.

Would you be okay if your significant other masturbated more than they had sex with you? Even if sex were constant and regular, would them pleasing themselves more often bother you at all? What if the sex started to become lackluster?

French is okay with his girl doing it all the time and with any size utensil. I am not sure how much self esteem is needed for dealing with a woman with a large toy fetish. But i don’t have that much esteem. If you recall French is a size qkwing..So for him (and his girl), the bigger the better.

The Larger the Sex Toy… #TNNS629

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