You are currently viewing The Kitchen Table Is For Sex And Dinner #TNNS190

The Kitchen Table Is For Sex And Dinner #TNNS190

The Kitchen Table Is For Sex And Dinner #TNNS190

Do you want your kids to be better than you? Wouldn’t that show you up? To be honest do your kids even have a chance to be better. It seems like we have ruined this world. And we have taken our kid’s future and thrown it away too. Most people tell their kids that they can be anything when in actuality they probably won’t be much better than their parents are. Why don’t we work on generational wealth? Sure you may only reach so far...But why not allow yourself to be a stepping stool for your kids?

Should a man cosign on an apartment for his kid’s mother? I don’t think my woman would go for this. Jaye Smooth thinks it is a good idea. Otherwise, how could he guarantee that his kid is safe and sound in a home. I feel like cosigning for anything…for anyone is a really bad idea. If you did happen to cosign, what else do you get? There has to be some collateral head or doggystyle action happening. My name is at risk. What do I get?

Is there any room in your house that you would not have sex? I personally can’t use my kid’s room for sex. My co-hosts have no issue with this. Honestly, though, a place where everyone has sex but no one wants to consider is the kitchen. Oddly enough, before the show today, Jamie Mack ate at my dinner table. Not only that, he ate in the location that we used the last time we had sex in the kitchen. Now how do you feel about eating at other people’s house?...


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