The Flaws Of The Father #TNNS351

Episode #351

Smooth is still gone. Kit is back. We are still taking shots of Remy.

Jamie Mack spoils the fun by bringing up how responsible we are for our kid's flaws. In fact, how many flaws do our kids have that we also suffer from? And how do you chastise them for being a younger version of you? I don't know. Jamie Mack has re-instituted beatings in his house to try and help fix the issue.

Jamie Mack has come to the "new" realization that ninjas ain't ish. Of course, he has always felt this way. But each time he introduces it, it's like the first time. Kit tries to get him to lock down few reasons why he feels this way. Without knowing it, I start to bring up things about Kit's man-eater past. As much as she argues her point, she proves that Jamie Mack may have a case.

Did I mention how fun it is to hold Kit to the fire? End of the show, she looks like a G and we are counting down the days until I become one of her eaten men.



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