The Fight Is Over If I Get Pistol Whipped #TNNS297

The Fight Is Over If I Get Pistol Whipped #TNNS297

Jamie Mack regrets not being here. With Jaye Smooth back, I am left to fend for the show’s integrity. French Reggy helps keep things on track. First up Jaye Smooth has to get a couple of stories off of his chest. Surprisingly, these stories are pretty entertaining. Reaching back for some of our “What would you do” questions, Jaye Smooth found himself trapped in his car while someone just feet away performed assault with a deadly weapon on another person. The age-old question is presented…Do you help or stay your B**** A** in the car. Which do you think Jaye Smooth did?I know that regardless of how tough you are, The fight is over for me if I get hit with a pistol.

Totally in a different direction, I would like to talk about one of the brain’s most important functions and why I would like for it to continue providing this service.We shed light on why we think psychedelic drugs exist and flirt with the idea of taking them. All I know is when the wall starts melting and changing colors, the last person I want to be around in Jaye Smooth.

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