The Event #TNNS401

Episode #401

Usually a premium show, but this show had to be released to the public because of the events that took place.

Smoothies beware...Jaye Smooth is NOT IN THE BUILDING!!! He had to leave early to prepare for his surgery. Don't worry non-smoothies, we made sure to make fun in his absence. It doesn't matter because he doesn't listen to our show.

It doesn't take us long to get around to squirting. We know what happens when you squirt, ladies...And we are giving up the goods to the fellas. No more faking.

French Reggy likes thick girls. West Africans apparently have lots of thighs. And French Reggy is here for it. For those of you in the Slack Room, Reggy is a Haitian Nathin Nice. But he likes black girls.
FR is a liar. This whole time we were thinking his mentor was the only liar on the show. It turns out that Regg is just as much of a liar as Smooth. Now we need to go back and pick apart everything that French Reggy has ever said. This show will serve furthermore as THE EVENT. Trust don't live here anymore.

Mack temporarily let's French Reggy off the hook to talk about trust in relationships. If you are happy and you find out your girl has been cheating, do you break up the happiness for a little side-work? This is a tough one because happiness is hard to find. But nobody wants sloppy forevers....


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