The Day The Topics Died #TNNS439

The Day The Topics Died #TNNS439

Episode #439

What usually goes here is a pretty well thought out and creative companion to the episode. Not this time. This is my "literal" protest. I wanted this week to be over more than any week in a while. Why, you ask? Because this is the day/week that the topics died. All living things must die. No way around that unless you are Walt Disney (Can you imagine how painful it is going to be to have been cryo-stored for all this time and then be thawed out into a globally warmed planet ripe with human fluorocarbon abuse?). This show died this week. 

Don't worry we will rise again like Jesus. Seriously. This show goes out on Friday. Saturday...Sunday...3rd day We record. I can't make this stuff up. It was ordained that we rise again. We have safeguards in place to guarantee that next week's shows will not suck.

So listen to this episode...yada yada yada...Thank you for being a subscriber.


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