The Cost Of Will, Cause It Ain’t Free #TNNS345

Episode #345

Today is dilemma day. Guest, T is back on set for more Nonsense. Jamie Mack is wondering what makes one person better than another at anything. I happen to know that I work harder than you. So, therefore, I am better. It is age-old. Put in the repetitions and results will come.

My dilemma is free will. Does it even exist? I try to get my co-hosts to prove that it does. Turns out that all of that armor Jaye Smooth is always bragging about didn't come with Free Will instructions or explanations. But seriously, if we constantly in action with or against the environment and universe, it would seem that most of our actions and thoughts are reactions to things going on around us and would therefore not really be free will.

Reggy has a crab full of barrels dilemma. Why do people around you seem to want you to stay exactly where you are? We should be encouraging our friends and loved ones to be better people. However, in French's own words, he has relatives that he can't speak to any longer. His being an American citizen now separates them. And they only see anger when they see him.



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