The Corona Campaign

The Corona Campaign

Black On Both Sides
The Corona Campaign

Black On Both Sides Episode #101

YEs! We have gotten over the hundred hump and Kunta is still talking about those 9 out of 10 dentists. He did, however, not make an appointment to see any of them. And now his whole right side is in jeopardy. Maybe if he respected them as doctors and not charlatans, he would get better treatment and results.

Did you know that one time Michael Jackson was SO Michale Jackson that he did an entire performance from a chair? Injuries don’t stop the King Of Pop. And no you can’t have your money back.

I did not know that Jay-Z and MJ had a song together and apparently it was good.

The Lakers have what some would call the worst role players of all time. It is amazing to me that with this rag tag group of “others”, people are still not willing to give LeBron his roses. If LeBron isn’t the GOAT, there should still be a conversation.

Regardless, anyone sending death threats to Danny Green and his family needs to get a life to live. This is just a game!

The Vice Presidential debate happened and we saw it differently. Apparently, things aren’t so black and white (where have I heard that?). Harris dodged the stacking the court question and Pence dodged the peaceful exchange of power question. Which of those is worse?

In a surprising turn of events, Trump get Rona and the world goes mad. Conspiracy theorists started in with stories of doubt and pharmaceutical investments. Kunta doe snot care about any of that. He cares about the fact that Trump is so eager to spread his sickness with everyone. He immediately scheduled a full time campaign run.

Does he have the Corona Virus? Yes. Is he going on a full campaign tour? Yes. Super spreader? Maybe.

Derek Chauvin makes bond and also gets granted the ability to move to a safer location while he awaits trial. Meanwhile Police supporter, Jonathan Price gets killed in a seemingly innocuous dust up. Do these things have a correlation? In 2020, hell yeah!

FBI says that white supremacists are the number one threat to American safety. And we have kidnapping plots foiled in Michigan. Do these things has a correlation? Apparently in 2020, they do!

The Corona Campaign #BOBS101

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