The Conversion Rate Of Americans #TNNS451

Mack sends porno to the slack room on the regular. So much so that 9the slackers have dubbed him NastyNelson. He welcomes this title. I hate it because Slack is on my work computer and he never labels his posts NSFW. I guess it is okay as longas the video is instructional. Does anyone else send pornon clips as inspiration for what you want your significant other to do? Just me?

What is the best Haitian movie ever made? I will wait...

Jamie Mack tells us how many people from other countries are worth one American. Do I need to tell you why French Reggy gets mad? The dollar may have fallen as a global currency...but American people are still top of the list.

Sam Little has turned the racist world upside down. Prior to his arrest, black people had a list of what only white people do. Run to danger. Kiss dogs in the mouth. Wear bummy clothes when they are rich (well that one actually is just white people). Sam Little has accomplished something that will put black people on the map. We have arrived.

Jamie Mack is still trying to justify him missing our welcoming party for him when he first moved to Atlanta. He asks if we should hold people to a standard when we do something nice for them...Sad, just sad.


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