The Confidence Of A Bum #TNNS507

Episode #507

Hooch is back and Jamie Mack gives him credit for being a great debater. Hooch and I are constantly at odds, however, this aligns with bringing you guys great content. Trust me when I tell you, we never harbor hard feelings. It isn't like he is a white guy or something. White people do not stop fighting. They can be lumped up, bloody, and immobile. They are going to do whatever to keep fighting. White people fight bears and mountain lions.

Jamie Mack is wondering how far parents should go to boost their kid's confidence. Mack's wife is about to break the bank to prepare for the future school year by getting their son Jordan's and name brand threads. Will this provide the confidence he needs? Is this important for self confidence? I feel like as long as he doesn't put him in sandals, he should be fine. If Mack didn't have to go to a job, he would be in sandals everyday. Jamie Mack may have too much confidence. He is willing to dress like a homeless person in preparation for a date.

I think the best way to boost confidence is to treat your kids like human beings. You cant beat knowledge of self into a child. Respect can build that, though. No one agrees with me.


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