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The Bums In The Hood Are Always Hard #TNNS110

Hardcore Bums
Nicki has a new butt
Kanye For President
Podcast Beef
Videos On Social Media
Agenda against gun control
Tyga is/isn't a pedophile

Jaye Smooth starts the show off talking about his interaction with bums in the hood. He knows what their motive is. They only want his money and he is not quite sure how to handle himself. Jaye Smooth treats all black people the same in the hood.
Next, we talk about Nicki Minaj’s new butt at the VMAs. Will all of the guys who think this is really attractive please stand up. And at what point do we stop our women from making themselves look like plastic dolls with abnormal shapes?
Trump called Kanye and told him how much publicity he will get from running for president. So now Kanye is running in 2020. I can't wait to not vote for him.
We cant get out of the first few segments without responding to the Podcast Fun Beef we found ourselves caught up in with The Shiznit Show. I promise you this will be the last time we argue about mixed and biracial. Jaye Smooth goes in with his own perspective on the beef.
Next, we talk about a video we saw on social media. This person was working at a drive-through window and got snatched out of the window and onto the ground. She was not willing to part with her new weave. Jaye Smooth feels the need to show off his weave trivia knowledge. In any event, why is it okay for you to pull a woman out of a drive-through window? Why do we care so little for each other?
In more serious news, we discuss the VA shooting. I think it was fake or at least part of the agenda to further gun control laws. They will not be satisfied until all of the citizens are unarmed and vulnerable.
As few people that are killed in these various situations, the government is hell-bent to present legislature to take guns out of everyone's hands. Yet no one is hell bent to create legislature to stop police violence.
Last we talk about Tyga and his newly of-age girlfriend. Does the Kardashian in her make her primed and ready at such a young age or is Tyga a pedophile?...


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