The Blacker The Berry The Longer The Laundry List #TNNS394

Episode #394

Jaye Smooth comes out of left field with an unjustified stance on black women. He starts off saying that he no longer wants to date black women. Then he blames it on his uncle. Well, we get Unk on the phone and he doesn't parrot Smooth's ideas about relationships. I happen to think that the issue with black women is only that their views on dating are unrealistic. They have a pages-long laundry list for what they want in a man. And what exactly are they bringing to the table? Many don't have half of what they expect in a man.

Jaye Smooth reveals that he has no idea when slavery ended. I idea. But, French Reggy doesn't either. I think that had Mack been here, he would have at least known when the people he doesn't like were freed.

Reggy had a death in his family and witnessed how much funeral expenses pile up to. He now wants to request that he be dealt with modestly. I have been saying this all along. Cremate me. Urn me. Leave me alone....


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