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The Better Side Of Losing

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The Better Side Of Losing

The No Nonsense Show Episode #640

French Reggy is mad because I didn’t offer him candy. I didn’t and I thought that this was settled. However, a few minutes later we got into an argument about my tone. More on that later.

Smooth tells us about him ripping his bicep in a bowling stunt. Jamie Mack wants to arm wrestle him. Smooth is set to have surgery this week. So we wish him a speedy recovery.

Now, French and I have never truly gotten into an argument. At least I don’t think so. Here on the No Nonsense Show, we don’t edit. So as much as we probably should have reset and started over…we didn’t.

Eventually we got to the meat. It is election day and Mack thinks he should have voted the other way. He feels like he could have helped the country stay whole. The fear is that the world will become undone. No matter which party wins, there will be trouble. But he feels like the Democrats winning will usher in a violent reaction from the Trump-ettes.

Calm down…calm down. Download the Calm app. Let’s all take a beat and make sure the world really is going to burn before we head for the hills. By the way, are there really enough zealots out here to burn the country?

Jamie Mack feels like we shouldn’t be worried about who is going to win. We should be worried about which side would take losing better.

The Better Side Of Losing #TNNS640

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