You are currently viewing The Best Way To Run A Train On Your Wife #TNNS236

The Best Way To Run A Train On Your Wife #TNNS236

The Best Way To Run A Train On Your Wife #TNNS236

Jamie Mack is willing to share his bed with another man. Seriously! He finds this guy extremely attractive and quite capable to put it down on his wife. These new age dudes are willing to try anything these days. The new/old Jaye Smooth takes a step back to his swinger days and admits that he is willing to let his girl be smashed by anybody. Ugly guys need not apply. You know Jaye Smooth is particular about the looks of the guys he hangs out with.

What do you do when you have a coworker that want’s to keep it real? You know…Loud talking, swag surfing, hood ratchet behavior that doesn’t belong in any company…Black or White. Do you feel like it is your responsibility to say something to them to help them adjust to the corporate culture or let them keep it real? If you conform are you a sellout? You already know how I feel about this. There is a time and place for almost everything.

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