You are currently viewing The Best Sex Is Disrespectful Sex #TNNS99 with guest O Dubb

The Best Sex Is Disrespectful Sex #TNNS99 with guest O Dubb

Women shouldn't dress nicely in humid weather
Jaye Smooth vs O Dubb in TNNS Trivia
Dating Naked
Donicely faking cancer diagnoses
What qualifies as disrespectful sex

We start the show off talking about how women should dress when the weather is hot and humid. Well, not us actually. Jaye Smooth has a problem with women dressing “cute” while it is hot. Jaye Smooth continues to hate women publicly. His words…”Ladies, you can’t be hot and cute”.

Jaye Smooth Battles O Dubb in No Nonsense Trivia. As usual, the winner is…

Next, we talk about Dating Naked. I think that this is yet another fake and staged reality show. But the male chauvinists on the show are totally down to be on the show. What exactly is the point of this show? Jaye Smooth thinks that no clothes means sex is not an issue anymore. I think that seeing a woman naked puts sex squarely on the table. That is all I am thinking about.

Next, we discuss the doctor in Detroit who wrongfully diagnosed over 500 of his patients with cancer and began treating them. He was given a 45 year sentence. Is that enough?

Last we talk about disrespectful sex. Throat sex, spitting, peeing, ATM, kitchen utensils as sex toys, you name it, we rate it. O Dubb takes it way too far and begins talking about his fetish. If for some crazy reason you normally listen to our show around your kids, THIS IS NOT THE SHOW TO LET THEM HEAR....


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