The Ballad Of French #TNNS429

Episode #429
What does French Reggy know about relationships? Let him tell it he is Adonis in looks and Moses in wisdom. But of course, O Dubb has had more relationships than there are begots in the Bible. So when he shares perspective, young pups must listen. And although J Smooth hasn’t been to the rodeo quite as many times, he still has a great experience taking advantage of the stragglers and grazers. This gives him quite a bit of experience in patience.  Something you always need in a relationship, especially when you are just waiting women out. B-Honest has only had the few, but his relationships have lasted a long time, each time. So he provides the balance.

Either way, French is due for a schooling. And the Brother's Nonsense are happy to oblige. Try not to tear up while listening to The Ballad Of French.


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