The Bad Branding of Smoking Crack #TNNS483

Episode #483

Jamie Mack wants to know where all of the crack babies have gone. In the 80s crack hit the streets of America and the crack babies began being born by the pipeload. So...did they all die off? I haven't seen a crack head in years. But there were reports that many babies born to mothers from the hood, were crack babies. Was crack that bad? I think it may have just been poorly branded. As a matter of fact, most of these street drugs just had bad branding. Are they really that bad for you? We walk among many crack and meth heads. Some of them are fully functional. How can we fix this?

Game has called for black people to stand up against Fox News. So who is watching Fox News to start protesting? Seems a little silly. I'm not even sure the accusation was correct. Either way, does Game get to speak for black people? Hmm. Crack


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