The Air Inside Her #TNNS431

 Episode #431

Which poverty is worse? Haiti or Mississippi? French Reggy starts the show off in attack mode. It is quickly suppressed by O Dubb who is more than willing to apologize often to prove he is vulnerable. We briefly talk about Haiti’s biggest hustle for neighborhood kids. But only a place that McDonald's pulled out of many years ago can provide the environment ripe for kid businessmen. What did you do as your first job? Hustle.

Jamie Mack wants to know what our favorite part of sex is. We may not figure that out. But we damn sure figure out that French Reggy was lying about his rampage. The numbers and years just don't add up.

No-touch queef. Is this possible? We deep dive (pun intended) into the female sex organ and its parts. Where does the queef originate? O Dubb apparently has put a woman into a seizure. Dr. Mack can’t allow him to just say something like that. The rest of the show is a court case. O Dubb is the defense until he challenges Jamie Mack to an indecent proposal. Mack has to play both ends of the court.


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