You are currently viewing The Advantages Of Being Ugly #TNNS245

The Advantages Of Being Ugly #TNNS245

The Advantage Of Being Ugly #TNNS245

Jamie Mack is pissed because Frontier Airlines had a plane call in sick today and because of this, he didn't get to go on vacation. I mean they seriously ruined his entire vacation. They offered him an alternative fly out 6 days later. So you’re telling me we can’t fly today, but you can fly me out on Christmas Day? Perfect! Apparently Frontier had a melt down today. All over the country their flights were screwed up.

Nonetheless, Jamie Mack shows that he has evolved once again. The old Jamie Mack would have taken his anger out on some poor soul. The new Jamie Mack has learned to manage his anger. He wants to ask us how we manage our anger. Speaking of which, that last statement finally explains why Jaye Smooth has started saying that he is the new Jaye Smooth. He is just jealous that Jamie Mack really has become a new person. He is frightened that Jamie Mack will become my new best friend.

Nathin Nice joins the show for some music trivia. Jamie Mack graces us with his beautiful singing voice. Have we found the new man with the golden voice?

Next, we determine whether or not there are advantages to being ugly. Along the way we realize that although Jaye Smooth thinks he is the most attractive 7 in the world, he may actually have the characteristics of an ugly guy. From catching women off guard to being well rounded, Smooth fits the bill.

Jaye Smooth loves his kids. In fact if he had to quantify his belief in his kid’s future success, he would say 10 out of 10. That being said, he wants to talk about what happens when your kid doesn't turn out so well. Whose fault is it? Mom? Dad? Both? Or the kid?...


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