The 72 Percenters #TNNS472

The 72 Percenters #TNNS472

The 72 Percenters #TNNS472
The No Nonsense Show

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Episode #472

We made this Premium Show free so that our regular listeners can hear what the premium show is like. French Reggy still hasn’t learned. In his phone, all of his homies have an emoji by their names. How much do you want to bet that none of his friends have his name beside an emoji? HIs homies have the 100 emoji. His family has a heart emoji. Do you remember the sister he called that one time for verification? What do you think her emoji for him is?

Jaye Smooth can’t allow us to get into talk about private parts for very long without bringing his own up. We all know that Smooth has had a Devil’s Threesome. But did you know how many Devils were present?

We actually had a pretty serious show, but you may have to skip to minute 32 if you don’t want to hear the penis talk (No Nonskip Show).

Black people of late have been asking for lots of things. From protests to cancel culture, we have become the race of high expectations. But does our output match our expectations? What about our preparation? Are we setting ourselves up for failure? Farther than that, are we contributing to our future turmoil? How are we truly different than other races? The stats are in and it isn’t favorable to us. But there is hope…

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