That’s A Vagi…Nope, It’s A Penis

Episode #540 Jaye Smooth starts this show off with beef also. Thing is, nobody shot at him. He just needs to let off. Sorry, my cohost. I can't edit. Luckily it doesn't grow legs.

Answer me this...Why does Jaye Smooth constantly see gay commercials on Hulu? He claims to be fed up. Speaking of the Universe bending to your will, we take a look at a picture that Jamie Mack submitted to the Slack. Smooth says that the woman is pretty even if she has a penis bump. If that isn't a penis it is a very bumpy vagina. Nah, it's a penis.

Smooth will date handicapped woman. Not the woman who just finds a way to cheat the system and get a window card...this woman has no arm. Beauty is in the arm that can't holder.

Jaye Smooth is willing to share his STD with women in the form of a cold sore. However, he draws the line at undetectable HIV. He would not take an HIV Vaccine. I'm taking that cure.

Nathin Nice joins the show to discuss dating outside of your race (and weight class).

That's A Vagi…Nope, It's A Penis #TNNS540


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