You are currently viewing That Wasn’t A Roofie, It Was A Sugar Pill #TNNS147

That Wasn’t A Roofie, It Was A Sugar Pill #TNNS147

That Wasn’t A Roofie, It Was A Sugar Pill #TNNS147

Jamie Mack hijacks his own submitted topic to throw out his dissatisfaction with the lack of Native Americans that still populate America. He wonders why there are not that many representatives that live on the east coast. Apparently, he didn't get the Trail Of Tears memo. And then he would like to know why the reservations look so bad. If they are getting casino money, where is it going?

In the second segment, the shows ADHD begins to show. We start out talking about the shift in perspective of what is considered old now that you are old by your younger standards. And then we move to sex with an older more experienced woman.
Next thing you know we are rapid-fire through Tyga with his new young chick drama and Bill Cosby with his lone accuser.

We end up talking about women who pretend they were drunk or high just to act like a slut and not be held responsible for their actions.

Last we talk about how much info you should divulge about a new woman you are planning on being with. Is it a good idea to disclose intimate details about her? What about her sexual abilities? Wouldn't this compromise her image if you decide to stay with her?...


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