You are currently viewing That Time We Mistakenly Used Pepper Spray For Lube #TNNS131

That Time We Mistakenly Used Pepper Spray For Lube #TNNS131

That Time We Mistakenly Used Pepper Spray For Lube #TNNS131

Rape Culture
People who want to be brutalized by police
Sexing your friend's family members

Jamie Mack starts the show off wondering if there is a rape culture in current society. Do we live in a society that thinks this is okay…or is it part of an egocentric society that is willing to record any and everything? So it may seem as though there is a rape culture but it may be the stupidity of people just recording everything. Because of this, we are more likely to be exposed to it. Mack brings up that 1 out of 3 women will be raped in college. I ask if the line may have been moved under what is considered rape. I del like 1 of 3 seems extreme. Is there any responsibility that is required of the woman? Should we completely absolve them even if they choose to act carelessly? If you walk through the hood with new jewelry and your new Jordans, you may get robbed. We need accountability on both sides of this. I won’t wear my Jordans through the hood, you don’t rob me. I will instruct my daughter not to get so drunk that she loses her inhibitions and you don't rape her. Deal!
Jaye Smooth shows off his talent at doing impersonations. Australian, Mexican, etc. He is now the official Show voice man.
Next, we talk about more police brutality. But this time we must again ask if we are accountable at all. There is actually nothing else we need to say about this. But this time the lady who got into the situation with the cop had just called the cops on the police officer about being rude. I am not surprised.
Jaye Smooth Challenges Jamie Mack to a “Comedy Off”. Since they are obviously not going to box, this is the next best thing. They will be going head to head at The Laughing Skull amateur night very soon.
Last we discuss Drama from a follower. Apparently, there are some women who have friends that they use for sex. Not directly, they have sex with all of the men in their friend’s family. You have to hear this story....


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