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Black On Both Sides
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Black On Both Sides Episode #96

Happy Birthday to Kobe. Kunta wants to give him flowers and wishes that the world would have given him his flowers before his passing. Other than his untimely passing, I would say that life was extremely good to Kobe. The millions he was paid in salary and endorsements seems like enough. But hey, I don’t live in LA nor was I a Kobe fan. Either way, Happy Birthday, Mamba!

The next verzuz is slated to be Monica and Brandy. Kunta didn’t think that Brandy had enough catalog to compete. However, it turns out that these two women actually have similar chartings.

The NFL does not know that the world is in crisis mode. They are carrying on business as usual. Corona or not, we will have a season.

Is anyone here for Tyson vs Jones Jr? This is the type of verzuz I want to see. Gladiator sports have always been my favorite.

Steve Bannon is headed to the big house. Is this a sign that Trump is on his way out? Should he be worried that the moment he leaves the Oval Office he will be in handcuffs?

Obama gives a riveting speech to open the Democratic convention. Not the important one…The other Obama. Michelle gets in on some propaganda for the liberal leaning onlookers. It must be said that Kunta believes that Michelle is the Oprah that Oprah should have been. Speaking of women with something to say, AOC gets 60 seconds to speak her mind. Enough time?

When Barack finally got a hold of the microphone, he did something unPRESIDENTed. He went at Trumps jugular. Is this a slight vision that the Democrats look to be less soft when dealing with differences between the parties? Probably not, but I like the spunk.

Kunta promises me that Joe Biden gave fire and brimstone speech. He is even confident that Biden’s brow was furrowed and sweaty upon completion. Is there life after all in the liberal party?

Voter suppression is something that everyone needs to be cognizant of. Kunta has donated time and money to the cause. He wants everyone to text “Vote” to 30330 and someone will help you create a plan to make sure your vote is counted. There has to be a way it quell voter suppression. For more eyes, we are going to name the episode the instructions.

Text “Vote” to 30330 #BOBS096

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