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Tale Of Two Roberts #BOBS034

Black On Both Sides
Tale Of Two Roberts #BOBS034
The Tale Of Two Roberts #BOBS034

Episode #34

Black History month is almost over. And what a turbulent one we have had this year. Obama has been out and about this month and even made time for some NCAA rivalry. He was courtside to see Zion explode out of his shoe. Was this poor craftsmanship or a 300 pound man-child doing what he does to all of his clothes…Or was Obama to blame???

Jussie gets caught up and we can’t determine how to punish him. Obviously, there is wrong doing, but how many non brown people have done this type of thing? In some cases, brown people were even hurt or killed in the process. Lets keep the same energy and figure out a equal punishment for this guy.

Fresh off of a Super Bowl win, Robert Kraft is caught getting a happy ending. Meanwhile fresh off of a 14 year old body part, Robert Kelly finds himself inside a jail cell. I can already guess how this will probably end for both of them, but Kunta has faith in the system.

We are all (not all of us) triggered by blackface. What about Confederate Army uniforms? I’m not, however Kunta thinks that anyone who wears this uniform is racist…even if they are part of a historical reenactment. At some point we have to move on from the symbols. They only have power when you assign power to them.

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