Taking Two Of The Big Ones #TNNS487

Episode #487

We had a great show planned. Then Jamie Mack brought the snacks and got Jaye Smooth giraffe coochie. In fact, he got everyone kite right. It is hard to focused when the gummies had weed. Mack comes back from the west coast with gifts and a question. Why are drugs illegal? Why can't people ruin their lives if they want to? We allow people to eat them selves to an early grave. We make cars that have more horsepower and torque so that you can speed to your death. Yet, we couldn't possibly allow a person to think rationally about when to quit. Food has been out forever and only so many people kill themselves that way. At the very least, it would thin the herd. Speaking of thinning herds, Mack got Smooth to take 4 times what I took and it all went downhill from there. I took one of the small ones. Smooth took two of the big ones.


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