Takes More To Make A War #BOBS019

Takes More To Make A War #BOBS019
Black On Both Sides

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Takes More To Make A War #BOBS019

Episode #19

Kunta has a chance encounter with one of the stars of yesteryear. Kunta is not forgiving of how time treats our childhood celebrities. Mr T. is no exception. He wore chains on TV, he should have chains on 30 years later, right? Mary and Diddy get no love either. That no dancing and scary combo both get shamed by Kunta. Is there any validity to the fact that they were both at Uptown and one point in their careers? That can’t be just a coinkidink. Ask yourself have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time? 

I’ll tell you who Kunta is here for, Kelly Rowland. He doesn’t care if she bleaches her skin. I happen to think that social media has a lot of nerve challenging her about this. Even if it were true, what about the other countless women that we allow to change everything about themselves for the Gram?

This week proved to be the most mischievous in a while. A thwarted bomb mail attempt, a shooting at a synagogue, and a Kroger red dot special all graced our headlines. Listen as Kunta tries to connect the dots on all of these happenings. Somewhere along the way the phrase race war is brought up. I can’t remember which one of us said it first, but nonetheless…How many have to die for a thing to be considered a war?

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  1. Mister J
    October 31, 2018

    BoBs 19
    Long time listener first time writing in to the DoJo!! Right off the bat I will have to flat out disagree with KingKunta3x in regards to the race war he implies to be occurring. I know it’s nice to believe you would have a fighting chance but history has an example already of a race war Black Wall Street….. A candle on the surface of the sun would last longer then us in “.war”

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