Take Care Of Your Damn Kids #TNNS516

Take Care Of Your Damn Kids #TNNS516

Episode #516 No Jamie Mack this show. It is amazing how settled Smooth is when He and Mack aren’t feuding. In this show we find our way to honor killings and the fact that I am about to be an empty nester. Speaking of killings, this summer should be interesting for Smooth. I will just say this, most young people make changes during the 8th to 9th grade summer.

On a brighter note, Im going to get a motorcycle. Call it a midlife event…call it empty nesting…I call it, the fact that I have been a dad since I was 19. And I was present for their entire life. I have not known a house without children for my entire adult life. This is my time. Trust me when I tell you I am planning on letting my dad guard down. Hate if you want.

Lastly, we get a chance to visit deadbeat dads and lying baby mothers. We absolutely have to find some middle ground. Our children are being left behind in the fray. It is completely true that some dads escape responsibility for their kids. It is also completely true that some moms are spending child support on weave and crab legs. Sadly, we all get punished for just those idiots behavior. Plain and simple…TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAMN KIDS!

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