You are currently viewing Take A Molly Before Your Prostate Exam #TNNS159

Take A Molly Before Your Prostate Exam #TNNS159

Take A Molly Before Your Prostate Exam #TNNS159

Hood life
Healthier than healthy people
Ruining a bowel movement

We start the show off talking about the positives and the negatives associated with hood living. All pros and cons on the table, and it isn't so easy to decide where we would rather live. Things like community and neighborhood activity are irreplaceable. But the potential for violence and b.s. is also apparent at all times.

Jaye Smooth had a weird hood. There was a blind man that did loss prevention at the corner store. His hood didn't have a candy lady. So he went to the Candy Man’s house to steal items. And he accuses my youth pastor of taking advantage of me.

Next, we discuss the possibility of people with STDs or any other serious conditions actually being healthier people. I think it goes without saying that a person with any kind of condition will pay more attention to health and safety. But does that also mean that this person is actually healthier?

Now that I am getting older, I need to get a prostate check. No one says that you can't enjoy your prostate exam.

Jaye Smooth wants to talk about having his bowel movement ruined at work by a coworker with IBS. This coworker manages to just make it to the toilet in just enough time to not ruin his own shoes. Jaye Smooth is disgusted and now doesn't want to use the restroom anymore. In perfect Jaye Smooth fashion, he tries to memorize the coworker’s shoes so that he can tease him later. Jamie Mack is hell-bent on interrupting Jaye Smooth's topic....


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