You are currently viewing Suck It Like You Love It, Or Don’t Suck It At All #TNNS220

Suck It Like You Love It, Or Don’t Suck It At All #TNNS220

Suck It Like You Love It, Or Don’t Suck It At All #TNNS220

Jamie Mack wants to talk about single people hanging with married folks…or vice versa. Can married people have fun on a trip full of single people? What if all of the single people are hoes? I am confident that my wife could go on a trip with a bunch of dudes and not have sex with one of them.

Somehow we get on the topic of lesbians and their ability to please a woman the same way a man can. O Dubb opines that it is all equal when it comes to sex. Most people are out of shape. So the theory that lesbians can use a strap to please a woman all night long is only as strong as the lesbian’s stamina and back strength. Very good point but it is immediately canceled out by him telling us about his masturbation schedule.

He also wants to tell the full story about why he broke off his engagement with a professional sex worker. This is after meeting her kids and even disciplining them. Believe it or not, the reason for the break up has nothing to do with how many penises she came into contact with on a normal day.

Later, O Dubb wants to know why women consider fellatio as foreplay, but cunnilingus as something that should be seen all the way through. We take a lot of time giving women a crash course on making sure you are providing the proper amount of passion when it comes to sex. Put your all into it or put it away. Our Eggplants are more temperamental than you know.

Last we answer some listener questions from the Slack room....


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