You are currently viewing The Stuff That Gets Stuck To Your Leg In A Public Jacuzzi #TNNS258

The Stuff That Gets Stuck To Your Leg In A Public Jacuzzi #TNNS258

The Stuff That Gets Stuck To Your Leg In A Public Jacuzzi #TNNS258

Jamie Mack wants to talk more about his swinger experience. He spent the entire week thinking about it. But Jaye Smooth wants to let the world know how much spit he uses during fellatio first. Back to the topic, Jamie Mack thinks it is wrong for a guy to hit on his woman while he is around. Is there etiquette for how to talk to a woman that is with a man? Should you know in advance if it is his girl or not?

Jamie Mack and I agree that public hot tubs and jacuzzis are a bad idea. And even though he didn't get in the tub at the swinger party, he has gotten in a public hot tub on a cruise. I personally feel like it isn’t worth the seminal fluids that will be stuck to your leg upon your exit.

Jaye Smooth derails his topic before he even starts his topic. You have to love the way he commands the English language. He wants to hip us to the fact that Walgreens sells women’s vibrators. He claims that he was sent on a late night mission but was too scared to follow through because there was a sweet old lady at the checkout counter.

What he really wants to talk about is whether or not we think that fake body parts will ever go out of style. Is being beautiful a trend? Who is ready to stop being perfect?

Jaye Smooth would get a penile implant if his johnson stopped standing up. Honestly, I would too. Jamie Mack would just take Viagra.

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