Strippers Ain’t What They Used To Be #TNNS203 with King Kunta

Strippers Ain’t What They Used To Be #TNNS203 with King Kunta

Strippers Ain't What They Used To Be #TNNS203 with King Kunta

We start the show off with Jaye Smooth trying to get me to commit mind crimes against my wife. He feels like I should celebrate my birthday by having sex with a white woman for the first time. Knowing how great of a friend Jaye Smooth is, I know that even discussing this will come back to bite me. I quickly call my wife in to witness that I had nothing to do with this idea.

We are joined by King Kunta from our Slack room. He wants to discuss the recent Twitter smash of Leslie Jones. Black people attacked her for her role in Ghostbusters and that she is fitting into all of the negative stereotypes that black people are trying to get away from. Then white people jumped on board and kicked her while she was down. In the end, she canceled her Twitter account and ran off to hide in the shadows. King Kunta wants to know what is up with this? Why is no one coming to her aid? Does she look a little bit like a gorilla? Sure! But does she deserve respect? ABSOLUTELY!  I get so sick and tired of the groupthink crew going to extremes to make people feel insecure and doubtful that they deserve success. Leslie Jones, I wasn't a big fan of yours until now. The No Nonsense Show, completely supports your movement and journey from this day forward.

Next Jamie Mack wants us to consider our execution methods during the zombie apocalypse.  How do we decide this for our family and close friends? Do we have a specific order to take them out? Are there some people we can’t stand to lose even though they are zombie flesh? With all this free zombie vagina walking around, wouldn’t you want to hit something one last time?

Rounding up the show, we discuss Jaye Smooth’s birthday celebration in an Atlanta strip club. What the hell happened to strip clubs? The women are lazy now. The stripper pole has become an obstacle that women use to hold on to when they walk by it. I remember back in the day how amazing the tricks these women did on poles just like these. Now, these women seem scared that any intensive movement will pop their fake asses. Speaking of fake…Everyone in there is fake. Jaye Smooth almost got attacked by two strippers that swore he was stealing dances.

Before we end the show, we give details about the upcoming Podcast Party and why our show is important. Go ahead and pull out your cell phone. You will need to FaceTime your man before the show is over.



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