Still Friends with the Girls She Tried Bi With #TNNS50

Still Friends with the Girls She Tried Bi With #TNNS50

Epiosde #503

Snowflake is back. And this time she is alcohol free. Im not used to her having a sober Friday show. Oh wait, She went outside with Jamie Mack for few minutes. So...not sober.

It seems like there are a few things besides religion that have made its way into the 20 teens. Let's just start with alimony. Why is this still a thing? With women dominating the workforce, we can eliminate alimony and the world would not suffer.

Jamie Mack wants discuss the age-old gay gene. Is it possible to be born with an already tuned sexual attraction or is this simply learned behavior? Snowflake didn't intend on talking about her bi-curious endeavors, but we never turn down homoeroticism from a woman. But how do you feel about her still being friends with the ladies in question?


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