You are currently viewing Stability vs Good Sex #TNNS221

Stability vs Good Sex #TNNS221

Stability vs Good Sex #TNNS221

O Dubb is back with us again in Jaye Smooth's absence. However, Jaye Smooth decides to call in via FaceTime. His jealousy rears its head in the intro by not liking how we didn't introduce him in a timely manner.

We go directly to the Slack Room where one of the listeners wants to know if you can trust someone who has hurt you in your past? Is it possible to turn the other cheek and trust them again? This is a difficult one because we at the show do not want to be responsible for getting you back in a messed up situation. But there is always the chance that the offending person has changed. I say you only live once. You take from that what you will.

Next, we discuss being able to deal with your woman making more money than you. Can your ego handle it? Can you still be the head of the family even though your pockets are lighter? We have a host that has been the less paid head of his household for years.

O Dubb wants to ask the ladies a question in return...Which man do you think is better? The man that provides stability or the man that puts it down in the bedroom?



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