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Sprinkle A Little Luck On Your Prayers

The No Nonsense Show Episode #592

During the into Jamie Mack's hand started itching. Almost like he had flea hand. But instead of going to wash his hands his first thought is to question if this means he has good luck. First of all, itchy hand means you are about to get money. But somehow we confuse that with luck. We go to our resident bible guy, Smooth who says that there is no such thing as luck. All un intended.

Juli joins the show for Fatten Jaye Up With Knowledge

French Reggy thinks that sensitivity is the strongest motivator. He feels like sensitivity is why Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time. Is that why these millennials are running around crying about everything?

Speaking of sensitive, Reggy is reading a self help book to make him relate to his feminine side (some would say his "spiritual" side).

Oh, by the wya, free premium episode. Happy Memorial Day!

Sprinkle A Little Luck On Your Prayers #TNNS592

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