You are currently viewing Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies In The End #TNNS283

Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies In The End #TNNS283

Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies In The End #TNNS283

Jamie Mack is glad that it is Friday. This means he has a few days until he has to interact wth Jaye Smooth at all. Jaye Smooth hopes that Mack will at least dream about him. Hmmm. Moving right along. Jamie Mack is seriously disturbed by bad kids and how their parents allow them to act in public. How much do you let your kids get away with in public? Just be aware that Mack will f*&* your kid up.

I have my fair share of hate towards other people’s kids. I remember having a get together where someone;s kid knocked over a gallon of pink paint in my daughter’s floor. Yes it was closed. So this means they had to really hit it hard to make it burst open. I just stop having events that involve my house. Keep your kids at home, thanks.

Jaye Smooth doesn’t answer my calls. This means nothing because I accept that he is a deadbeat friend. But, he has another friend that he ignores the calls from and this friend had two heart attacks. Smooth didn’t answer the phone so now he feels guilty. Luckily for her, she didn’t need him to survive. She made it out alive and now questions their friendship. Nonetheless, we aren’t sure what his topic is. Actually it is what we do to change bad habits. Jamie Mack wants his time back. But he helps me save Jaye Smooth’s topic. AS USUAL. I use this as an opportunity to remind everyone to just live you life. Enjoy the couple of days you have left on the planet. I give my secrets of life and death. Spoiler Alert: You die in the end.

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