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Splurging at the Olive Garden

The No Nonsense Show - A Funny Experiment In Black Experience
Splurging at the Olive Garden

The No Nonsense Show Episode #742

Most people agree that honesty is the best policy. But what if your girl asks you a question about her beauty? Or what about your best friend devoting his life to something he isn’t that good at. Honesty still the best policy?

How do you keep yourself grounded in your past? As you grow older and experience new things, is it important to keep roots in your old self. Say you went back home and no one recognized you. Is this okay? Or should you keep it real?

What do you consider fine dining? How much is too much to spend on eating out? Are you willing to splurge at the Olive Garden?

Splurging at the Olive Garden #TNNS742

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