Spiritual, Not Religious

Spiritual, Not Religious

Spiritual, Not Religious

The No Nonsense Show Episode #589

My wife tries, yet again, to kill me. She forced me to go to a cookout for Mother’s Day. No masks. No gloves. I think I am okay. But this prompted Mack to want us to come back in the studio.

Jamie Mack wants to know if your wife or significant other hangs around with one type of woman, does that say something about her? Do birds of a feather flock together? Does Jaye Smooth bring me down simply by me being friends with him?

French Reggy wants to know where this huge group of “spiritual” people came from. It seems to him that nowadays, everyone is leaving religion for spirituality. Is this a thing, Reggy? Actually, it is. I have been saying this for the life of our show. However, Jamie Mack forbids me from speaking on it (because he knows I rock at this topic). So I wait and wait. So long that Smooth goes and grabs his G Mama’s bible and starts spitting scripture. I can’t hold back. I start my rant. It’s epic. The live room vehemently disagrees. I can’t stop now.

We are probably the last show that needs to speak on snitching. But, why not? Snitching and its negative aura have permeated into popular culture since the release of 69. Where do we stand on snitching? Can people that are not in the street, snitch? Who is accountable?

Spiritual, Not Religious #TNNS589

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