Speed Bumps On The Way To 300

Episode #534 Jaye Smooth is trying to get it back...His hair that is. He now has a hair replacement program. But he left it in the car and let it melt all together. I wonder if his number will increase with hair? We find out that his number is 6. He thinks that 6's are decent. So now we know how he got to 300. If 6's are decent, he can smash half the women around. He is hanging out in Gen-Pop.

How can Smooth be such a d-hole and also be scared of women. I am forced to bring up all of the times he ran from women...Even when they were set out. Maybe there are speed bumps on the way to his number. I continue to protest for hair and free boobs.

Speed Bumps On The Way To 300 #TNNS534


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