South of the Taint With No Shower #TNNS484

Episode #484

We love you premium subscribers. We hold a special place on our taint for you. Jaye Smooth loves eating just south of the taint. This show starts off with him giving us all the sh***y details. ***Unsuspected caller alert*** Apparently there are women who let dudes go down on them with dirty parts. All day, took a dump at work, nastiness.

Has your significant other ever told you "We need to talk"? Those words are usually the beginning of the end. Maybe you can talk your way out of it. But chances are things are not going good. How many of those talks do you think your relationship could take?

Birthdays are for lovers. Do you agree? If you are married, should you expect that you will spend the day with your husband or wife on their birthday? The Honest house is upside down.


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