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Soul (Tie) Train

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Soul (Tie) Train

The No Nonsense Show Episode #673

Would you say that French Reggy is agreeable? Most people would. However, listeners that have been around for a while know that this is not how French was in the beginning. He has “matured” to this new form of agreeability. While listening to one of the Premium Episodes, I have unearthed why. French has learned to become the person you want him to be. But we need to unpack this.

Jamie Mack thinks that cheating is an obvious sign of immaturity. People should be upfront and revealing when it comes to venturing outside of the relationship. French Reggy doesn’t necessarily disagree with Mack, however, he did tell us about a time when he was with a woman that was cheating on her man. Yes, we were all shocked too. This is the same guy that develops soul ties with his sexual partners. He was having sex with the girl and she was having sex with her official boyfriend. This can’t be a triangle with soul ties. This is more of a soul train?

French Reggy is holding on to his woman. In his lifetime, hew thinks he will see the first generation of women that have no husbands. Millennials have decided to pack up their relationships and go at it alone. Can this course be corrected? IF YOU INDEPENDENT AND YOU DON’T NEED A MAN TO PAY YOUR BILLS, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

Soul (Tie) Train #TNNS673

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