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Sorry, But Technically You Never Said I Couldn’t Get Your Sister Pregnant #TNNS45

The team works out their recovery from the previous show by Fattening Jaye Up With Knowledge. As usual, Jaye gets pretty much none of them correct. He is a work in progress, but we love him nonetheless.

O Dub tells more stories of sexually transmitted diseases. This time he narrowly escapes giving chlamydia to the nurse that diagnosed him. In true O Dub fashion, he makes it absolutely normal that he had to warn all the women he was sexually active with at the time.

We move on to discuss whether or not opposites attract. Jaye Smooth decides to go on a Christian and homophobic rant about God’s forethought to create Adam and Eve…Not Adam and Steve. Hey, at least he is consistent in his blind religious stupor.

Jamie Mack confuses everyone into thinking that his rationale as to why he thinks opposites attract is because of his run-in with a case of maggots. First, how does one contract maggots? And how in the world does this prove or disprove the existence of magnetic forces? We then realize he said magnets.

Jamie Mack starts a discussion about a drunk night where one of his friends, “BOB”, slept with his girlfriend’s sister and got her pregnant. Of course, O Dub has a story having sex with 3 related people. Jaye Smooth continues his web of lies saying that he always uses a condom in all of his sexual contact. B Honest thinks that Bob needs to man up. There is value in raising a kid regardless of the circumstances. The world will be a better place unless you are a meth-addicted deadbeat dad.

O Dub and B Honest try to convince Jaye Smooth to not use condoms. Jaye smooth obviously doesn’t trust anyone. So he gets his condoms fitted. Meanwhile, Jaye Smooth damns B Honest to Hell for not believing in the same higher power that he does.

Jaye Smooth pretends that he can’t be bought. Under no circumstances will he subject himself to lower than moral behavior. Finally, though, it is revealed that Jaye Smooth is only scared away from his curiosities by the fear that he will start to like it.

Everyone else can definitely be bought. O Dub can apparently be bought at discount prices....


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