Some People Look Like They Have Good Sex

Some People Look Like They Have Good Sex

The No Nonsense Show Episode #564

Today we show up donning SARS masks because we may have uncovered the reason French Reggy really wants to go back to China so badly. He is contaminated. It’s too late for Mack as they have each tongue kissed the same blunt. Smooth and I should be in the clear. 

Mack wants to know if we size people up for how good they are at sex. That seems honest enough. I wonder what people are thinking of me. French thinks we all lay it down. That isn’t weird. 

Which is better real monogamy or e-monogamy? One is for everyone to see. The other is private. No one knows. I actually think we flipped this topic and discussed it from the wrong side. But far be it that The Nonsense stops once it gets started.

Smooth thinks that you should give people their roses while they are here. It took the passing of Kobe for women that he is dealing with to reach out to him and tell him that they love him. I feel like if they loved you, you would already know.

Some People Look Like They Have Good Sex #TNNS564

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