You are currently viewing Some People In Atlanta Are Just Waiting On Their AIDS To Wake Up #TNNS86

Some People In Atlanta Are Just Waiting On Their AIDS To Wake Up #TNNS86

Jamie Mack wants to talk about acceptance of Caitlyn Jenner..AKA Bruce Gender…AKA Caitlyn Cupcake. Do you care what gender HE calls himself? Do you think he or she is deserving of the lifetime achievement for bravery? We don’t know if this is an experiment in tolerance or just the new day of “deal with this and respect it” culture.

Jamie Mack and Jaye Smooth battle it out on 2015 Movie releases. With Jaye Smooth recent victory, new safeguards are put in place to prevent any possibility of cheating.

Next Jaye Smooth wants to talk about a recent study saying that 1 in 3 Atlanta residents has AIDS. Not HIV but full blown AIDS. We discuss whether or not this is a real issue or another scare tactic strategy. If 1 in 3 have it….Which one of us has it????

Jamie Mack has become uncomfortable with the idea of his young daughter wearing flirty underwear. What age is it okay for a young girl to wear thongs or lace underwear? What about short shorts? What about makeup, weave, heels, etc. Our culture is constantly forcing our young people to grow up sexual long before their time....


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